conversations with a Disincarnate (Part 2)

conversations with a Disincarnate (Part 2)

Two days into the 30 Day Challenge, I finally realised the opportunity that'd been staring me in the face all along: conversation with the owner of bones.

This thirty days was about communication with the disincarnate, whose bones lay on an alter in my home. The bones I knew had once been alive here on this earth with flesh and blood.

It started slowly. I asked a question and received a response. I asked another question based on that one, and I was surprised with the detail of this response. The second response implied I’d heard the first response. And gradually we were off. By the fourth, ninth or fourteenth day, there was no mistaking it. There was back and forth. Give and take. Communication.

I'm not going into detail about these conversations. Most were personal and I've touched on these reasons in another post.  What I can say is, this experience over March was nothing I could have imagined and beyond my expectations.  During our conversations, I was given answers to questions about past events I hadn’t understood, and information, insights and details from my day-to-day life that I could never have discovered in any other way.

At first, the main focus was on what our interaction would look like, the possible time frame and the energy of the connection. Then answers to specific questions around the work we could do, my role in this relationship and the over-arching agenda, pending my agreement (I'm big on contracts).

By the end of the 30 days we had a shared understanding and a small shared vocabulary. There had been some humour and challenge. I am grateful that the conversation hasn’t stopped with the end of March.  It’s continuing and about to transform into a broader exchange.

Throughout this time, I was given hints towards a new direction on work I’ve been waiting to start for around two years. The past fortnight has been full of leads to engage in a much larger world of interaction. It’s as if the training wheels are about to come off, if I’m interested.

And I am.  Excited and for the first time a little apprehensive.

With the tools and awareness gained from this experience, the next steps will put a greater onus on me. My responsibility and obligations will be more demanding. The disincarnate or the demonic do not suffer fools.

Now, thirty days later, I know I can get answers to my questions and how, so there’ll be less excuse for not understanding a course of action before I take it.  Even with this short experience, I feel the gravity of what I’ve encountered. The implications and impacts will be heavier with a higher accountability and expectation.

My outlook on all I’ve called ‘spirits’ so far in my life has changed and demands a new working understanding about all beings, flesh and blood or not. I am more aware than ever of their engagement with us and their desire to engage.

This experience has also removed something of the layer to what is often called ‘the veil’ between the living and the dead.  I’m beginning to see how artificial that perception is and wonder what sensibilities of the incarnate (living) does it serve to protect?

March 2017 has been a short crash course intensive about a relationship I thought I already had a pretty good handle on.  It’s changed my understanding and practice of communication with the disincarnate (spirits without flesh and blood). Looking back, I realise how pale my previous awareness was compared to the way I’m living now.

8 April 2017

not so far out of the ballpark

not so far out of the ballpark

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who am I in business with?