how to love a god

how to love a god

Following the restless humming beneath your skin...

i. be prepared to bleed. there is no way this will not spell tragedy, and you know this sing-song melody of warning bells:  the restless-reckless humming beneath your skin. If you want to love a god, learn to ignore it.

They warn. and Yet.

You love a God. Spirits. Disincarnate. Demons. They all respond to blood in different ways.

Take up this contact sport and follow the reckless humming of your blood. Focus and hear it's message.

ii. throw yourself off cliffs to teach yourself how to fall

Come prepared to jump and fall and hit the ground running.

iii. hollow out your body, divest yourself of these useless mortal organs. fill yourself with longing instead.

Longing is electric strands snaking alive.  Invite them to invade you.

Stand at the edge of the cliffs a little longer each day in that void of longing

iv. know that there are only a handful of gods but a world of mortals. you will not be the first glint of metal to catch the light of the sun, and no matter what you weave into your heart at night, you will not be the last.

You are neither the first nor will you be the last.

Take your place in the scheme of things. Recognise where you stand and what you stand for.

v. and remember, you will bleed.”


- Icarus' guide to loving Apollo: How to love a god

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