Invoking Belial

This online space holds some of my reflections on themes of daemonolatry, magick, spirits and other wanderings in the woo-woo. > BLOG

Some of the practitioners (pagans, priests, witches, demonolators, sorcerers, spirit workers, shamans, magicians, occultists) active in the world today –

Mat Auryn USA

John Beckett USA

William Briar Canada

Ivy Bromius USA

Sorceress Cagliastro USA

S. Connolly USA


Connor Habib USA

V.K. Jehannum USA

Sarah Anne Lawless Canada

Jason Louv USA

Josephine McCarthy UK

Christina Pratt USA

Sindder Streg USA

Andrieh Vitimus USA

Aiden Wachter New Mexico

Gordon White Australia

updated 4 January 2019